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Welcome to MG Classics of Jacksonville​

The Car Club for MG Car Owners in North East Florida

MG Classics of Jacksonville is a club made up of folks who own or appreciate MG automobiles.  We are located in the north-east Florida area.  Membership is open to anyone: Full membership (with voting rights) for those who own a MG, associate membership for those who simply appreciate MG's.  Dues, to support the club, are $30 per Calendar year and get you access to our full membership roster (to contact that guy who knows exactly how to fix that problem you have with your MG), a monthly newsletter (by eMail), and the good feeling of belonging to a group of individuals who share your interests.

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Serving Military, High School Auto Mechanics Instructors, and Auto Mechanic Students:

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Tony & Colleen Kimball
July 2021
1960 MGA
John & Elizabeth Ragusin
July 2021
Jekyll Island
1973 Midget

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 MG Classics is an Affiliate Member of NAMGAR, NAMGBR, and FCCC
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