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Menu Help | MG Classics of Jacksonville 

How to Navigate the MG Classics Website's Menus

Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 21.45.51.jpg

The Top Menu is truncated to allow more space in the Website Header area for any Special Alerts that may be appropriate.


Viewing the Website using a Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet: You may view the Menu in its entirety by Tapping on the 'More' text in the Website Top menu. Tapping on the 'More' text will display a Drop-down list similar to that shown in the Image with White text on a Blue background' (The Image opposite is not Active. You must go more in the Page Header above for the active Menu). The Drop-down will change from time to time as the website is updated.


HOME and 'More' are displayed on all Pages of the Website. Tapping on 'More' displays the Full Menu. Click on any Item of Interest and you will be transported to the appropriate Page displaying the subject material

Viewing the Website using a Smart Phone: Smart Phone Menus work in a different way, as shown on the Images below.

Header Menu.jpg

The Three Lines above the Red Menu annotation represent the Smart Phone Menu. Tapping on the Three Line image opens up the Smart Phone menu display as indicated on the image;

Selecting any of the displayed items transports you to the Page displaying the Material. Items with a Down Arrow will open to show more details if the arrow is clicked.

Mobile Menu.jpg

NOTE: The Content of this Website is updated regularly with New Information and Updates to Existing information. The menu images in this section are indicative and the Actual Menu Content will change as the Website is updated.

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