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August 2021 Update from the President of MG Classics of Jacksonville

August 1, 2021

MG Classics of Jacksonville's President

The Prez

Greetings to my fellow MG enthusiasts!


I’d like to say a few heartfelt words concerning the change in venue for our last meeting. Heck! Darn! Doggone, and Confound it! There, that makes me feel better! As you know we had made reservations at the Caddyshack for our July meeting; the first indoor meeting in a year and a half. Many of you as well as myself were looking forward to a leisurely lunch in sublime air conditioning. Thanks to this sudden, recent spike in Covid, and the corresponding surge in hospitalizations we reluctantly canceled those plans. The safety of our members is paramount over my desire for A/C. This means we will continue to meet at our outdoor venue at Trout Creek Marina until it is safe to resume indoor meetings. However, I have to say I believe we will still meet in afternoon outdoor venues for the bulk of our meetings because it promotes driving our MG’s more so than evening dinner meetings do.

A couple of bright spots to convey, though we had to meet at the Trout Creek Marina for our July meeting, in my mind it was a rousing success! As I checked the forecast in the morning and saw 95 degrees and '500' % humidity, I had accepted there would be a very low turnout. To my great surprise there were 21 in attendance and 10 gorgeous MG’s.

Even better, was to see Geoff and Paula Ashcroft at the meeting. As some of you may know Geoff had recently undergone a medical procedure. The great news is he came through with flying colors and will be going up to Michigan for their annual summer trip after a few more weeks of recovery. Paula also shared with us that they will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this September. Well done, The Ashcroft’s! So, it's easy to conclude from this that if you own and drive an MG your marriage will last a very long time.

We hit 100 primary members at our June meeting and our numbers continue to climb. I’d like to welcome our newest members Tony and Colleen Kimball and their 1960 MGA, and John and Elizabeth Ragusin and their 1973 MG Midget. Welcome Kimball’s and Ragusin’s! That puts our ranks up to 102. We also re-united with Kimberly Dyson whom we haven’t seen in a good while. Kim is a longtime member and a good mechanic. Welcome back Kim it was great to speak with you.

In other news, the Avenues Mall Cars&Coffee has changed leadership and has now opened back up. It is now re-branded as Caffeine and Octane.

August Club Meeting_edited.jpg

The August Meeting: Ten MG Line-up

The next two Caffeine & Octane meets are scheduled for August 14th (my birthday so bring gifts ☺), and September 11th. The time is 8am to 11am and you will need to register with the events coordinator at  so we know how many parking slots to reserve. This is an excellent event with several hundred cool cars. Plan to come so our MG marque is well represented.

Please continue to check the website and events calendar for information on upcoming events. There are a number of excellent events scheduled during the fall for those who want to travel further afield in their Classic MG.  These include 'Brits in the Valley' in Columbus GA, Britfest 2021 in Myrtle Beach, SC, and MG 22 in Safety Harbor, FL. If you have an interest in any of these shows please eMail 'eventschair@mgclassics' with details of your interest as in some cases you may be able to caravan with other MG owners to the event.


Closer to home I’ve been informed that the registration for the British Car Classic XXXII at the Kings Head Pub in St. Augustine is now available. If you click on the date 10/16/21 on our events calendar there is a link to take you to the registration form that you need to print out and mail in with your entry fee.


It has been decided that the Club will pre-pay for ten parking spots for the First Coast Car Council Cruisin' to the Creek Car Show on October 2. This will guarantee that we can all park as a group. Interested members will be expected to register their interest and pre-pay the Club to cover their $25 entry fee. All the above plus a full schedule of the usual local shows and Drive-ins.


Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting at… you guessed it, Trout Creek Memorial Park, 10am – 12pm, Saturday, August 28, 2021


Stay Safe and Safety Fast!