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January 2021 Update from the President of MG Classics of Jacksonville

January 15, 2021

The Prez

Greetings fellow MG enthusiasts!

Happy New Year my fellow MG enthusiast’s! I hope this finds all of you in good health and fine spirits and more importantly getting your classic MG ready for the 2021 season and many hours of cruising.


I’ll start off by informing you that we have canceled January’s club meeting. Initially because Trout Creek Marina informed us that there was the Jimmy Jam BBQ Slam and Car Show scheduled for the same date as our meeting. But after some thought and in lieu of the dramatic rising COVID-19 cases in our state I felt it best to wait until February to resume meeting, with the expectation the surge would subside and the risks lowered.


As can be seen on the website under Club ‘meeting details’ there is an opportunity for those still wanting to gather (socially distancing of course), to either participate in the Jimmy Jam car show or just show up to eat some great BBQ and look at some cool cars. I believe this will be a well attended event so anyone interested should certainly weigh the risk and take all personal precautions as outlined by the CDC. 

With the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines I am optimistic we will gradually start to return to some sense of normalcy. That Tech Sessions and club drives and picnics will return and more of our senior members will be able to get out and attend some of these events and our monthly meetings. I will say that I have been very pleased with our meeting attendance these last 6-7 months and note the Christmas party was a huge success. This format of meeting on a Saturday outdoors for lunch has proven to be very effective and has provided an outlet for our members to enjoy the camaraderie and sharing of passion for our cars. There certainly has been a much greater show of MG’s at our meetings and that is our main mission, to drive our cars and preserve their legacy


In closing please visit our website often to check for updates and news and look at the calendar for events and opportunities to get out and drive these cars we love.

Safety Fast!




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