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June 2022 Update from the President of MG Classics of Jacksonville

June 17, 2022

Well, it is June and Richard Gross is on his way solo to MG2022 in Peterborough, Ontario.  Last year this time he and I were traveling together to MG2021 in Atlantic City.  Richard is trailering his MG and I just didn’t want to try driving my car that far.  I trust the car more than I trust my ability to drive it 8 hours for 4 consecutive days for a 4-day show, and then 4 days back.  I’ll miss it and I hope he has a great trip.

I recently ordered some parts for my MG from Rimmer Brothers in the UK.  It was an easy experience and parts arrived by mail about ten days after I ordered.  They have a great MGB catalog, nothing for A’s though.


Our next big club effort will be the British Car Classic at the Kings Head Pub in St Augustine on October 22.  Sybil is the Chairwoman for the event assisted by Bruce and they will be seeking assistance in making it a success event.  A club only survives based on the willingness of members to volunteer and participate.


The first planning meeting for GOF-South 2023 was held Sunday May 15.  We are off to a good start.  However, it will take a lot of hard work over the next year as we move forward.  I am sure when Richard gets back from Canada, we will be slowly increasing our effort.

The May Club meeting was held on Saturday, May 21, at our new meeting venue.  I was sorry to see that our attendance dropped over our great turnouts at Trout Creek Marina.  I am hoping that many of you who didn’t come to the May meeting will rejoin us at our new venue, the Bannon Lakes Community Amenity Center.  It is a very pleasant location and I thank Mike Hogan for arranging it.  The center is less than one mile EAST of I95 (Exit 323) on International Golf Parkway.  This location will be our home for, at least, the next six meetings.  The next meeting will be on June 25 at 10 am.  PLEASE sign up on the website to let us know you are coming.  I will be out of town and Len Geiger is looking forward to substituting for me as practice for when his turn comes to take over in two years.


Caffeine and Octane was held last Saturday and we had four club members there.  I think I may have convinced a young couple with a Midget disguised as a Sprite to join our club.  Membership has grown some this year and that is good news.

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The Prez: Mark Spaulding

The Please check the club website for everything you need to know and some things you don’t.


I look forward to seeing you all at the July meeting.

 Safety Fast!