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January 2022 Update from the President of MG Classics of Jacksonville

January 1, 2022

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The Prez

Mark Spaulding

Happy New Year to MG Classics of Jacksonville!

Welcome to my first ever Prez Says for the January newsletter.  As this is my first effort, following many works of art from our previous president, I beg your pardon if I fall a bit short.


First, I want to thank each of you who voted for me and assure you that I hope to do justice to the club.  Those of you who have not attended many meetings are invited to get to know me in a brief bio at the end of this message.  


We had a great Christmas party at the Trout Creek Marina, which we intend to continue to use for all meetings for the foreseeable future.  If you check our website, you will find links to a host of upcoming events of interest.  I want to call particular attention to the GOF South event in late April at Howey in the Hills, and to the Amelia Island Cars and Coffee in early March that we hope will be available for registration soon.

One goal of mine is to try to increase our presence at the Caffeine and Octane event on the second Saturday of each month at the Avenues Mall.  I would truly love to have a TC, TD, TF, A, B (chrome and rubber bumper), BGT, and C lined up together for one of these.  We do get a lot of questions from younger folks at this venue, and we need to be looking for our successors to keep the MG heritage alive.


As many of you know, I recently bought a new alloy cylinder head for my B.  When my head gasket decided to start weeping coolant, it was time.  So, I went whole hog and bought a complete new head (picture after installation attached).  Between Christmas and New Years, Bruce, my son Scott and I tackled and completed the job.  It was the biggest single mechanical job I have ever undertaken, and without Bruce’s guidance, I am sure I would have found an extra part on the garage floor, after thinking the job was completed.  Thankfully, when it was all finished, the B started and ran on the first turn of the key.  A minor leak was cured by following the instructions provided with the head and adding a tube of AlumaSeal, thoughtfully provided with INSTRUCTIONS, which I ignored at my peril, when I decided I knew better than the manufacturer (duh!)  I have an innate suspicion about additives, thinking that they are all some form of snake oil.  But in this case, following instructions worked.

In any case, I do look forward to many more meetings and enjoying our MGs together for a long time.

For those of you who don’t know me, you are invited to read further if you are interested in my travels through life MG wise.  I bought my first MGB new in July 1969, two days after returning from Vietnam with hazardous duty pay burning a hole in my pocket.  I took it back to college with me and soon after graduation, a new job pushed the MG on to a new owner, and I bought a more practical car, a Vega GT (ha ha!). Ten years later in 1982 the MG bug bit again.  So, in 1982, I bought the 1970 MGB that I still have.  For a while in the 90’s it was a hangar queen on jack stands in the garage.  Finally, after retiring from 30 years of federal law enforcement and my daughter graduating from college, I found enough money in 2003 to entrust the car for renovation to Mountjoy’s Auto shop in Hyattsville MD.  It has been well cared for and driven regularly over 38,000 miles since then.   I have made small continuous improvements since then; the biggest and most important of these was the addition of an overdrive transmission in 2013, which has made long distance trips an enjoyable experience, instead of a teeth rattling torture.   A longtime member of MGs of Baltimore, when I moved to St Augustine in 2016, I joined our club as a snow bird.  In 2018, I sold my house in Annapolis MD, and Joyce Fink and I relocated full time to her home, which we now share in Palencia. 

Wishing all Club Members and your Families a Healthy and Prosperous 2022.

Safety Fast!