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July 2022 Update from the President of MG Classics of Jacksonville

July, 2022

Cheers everyone.   I have some good news to share.  So, let’s start with this. In June Richard and Kathy Gross were on their way to MG2022 in Peterborough, Ontario. Not that it will be a big surprise, but their MGB took a first place in his class at MG 2022. It looks like his long trip to Canada and spots along the way visiting family and friends was a grand success.  Congratulations, Richard and Kathy!

Next year in July 2023, MG 2023 will be held in Calgary.  This is an even longer trip.  I know they plan to attend.  But I think it will be an airplane ride for him, not a long tow.  I was looking at the map to see whether it is something I could turn into a long vacation in the MG.  But right now, it doesn't seem likely unless some trip planner thinks a group of us could make the trek together. Maybe, I’ll fly too.  Calgary is beautiful.

Our next big club effort will be the British Car Classic at the Kings Head Pub in St Augustine on October 22. Sybil is the Chair Woman ably assisted by Bruce for that event and they will be seeking volunteers to make it a success event.

Some of you have probably noticed that we have missed two newsletters, May and June.  Our editor Fred has been slammed at his job and unable to keep the newsletter going on schedule. Ian has put together an abbreviated newsletter for July as we work to get a more permanent solution until Fred’s workload permits. If anyone with experience publishing newsletters can assist Fred for a couple more months, please let me know.

The June meeting was held on Saturday, June 25, at our new meeting venue. I was unable to attend. I thank Len for pinch hitting. I am informed that we had 19 members attend and I am sorry for missing it. To continue in the apology vein, I will have to miss the July meeting because of a memorial service at the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico VA. Our family is celebrating the passing of my Uncle Dick, a retired Marine Colonel, who served in both Korea and Vietnam. Ninety-four years young when he passed away and a long life to celebrate

Mark Spaulding.jpg

The Prez: Mark Spaulding

Our attempt to stick to a last Saturday of the month meeting schedule has been thrown a couple curve balls because of venue availability issues. It looks now that the meeting schedule for the rest of 2022 will be: July 23, no August meeting, September 17, no October meeting (the British Car Classic on October 22 substitutes), November 19, and the Grand Finale, December 10, the Club Christmas Celebration.

I look forward to seeing you all at the September meeting.

 Safety Fast!


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