Prez Sez
Bruce Sedelmeyer - October 23, 2020

Greetings fellow MG enthusiasts!

I apologize for the late entry of this addition to ‘Prez Sez’. But, I have a great excuse. After a 3 ½ month hiatus of no running MG and the significant accompanying withdrawals, I am happy to report I have not one but two running MG’s! I finished the engine O/H on the 74 MGB and I recently purchased another MG, a 1951 MGTD which I just recently got running. So you see I have been a very busy boy. Just ask Roberta who has patiently been waiting for a couple of her projects to be started. 

The Prez

The Prez & First Lady with their New Ride

I hope you will all consider coming to our next club meeting Saturday October 31, 2020. At this meeting we will be putting forward the 4 nominations for Club Officers; President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. If you have any nominations to present please contact any officer via the club website or call me personally so these persons can be contacted. This is important, as our elections will be held during the November club meeting and you will be choosing who will be guiding our club during the 2021 year. We will make sure to get the nominees names published in the November News Letter prior to the November meeting.

Our monthly meetings have been very successful drawing between 20 – 28 members. This is not far off our normal attendance pre COVID-19. What’s been refreshing is to see 8-10 MG’s parked next to our open pavilion. It is a beautiful sight!


I’ll include my usual disclaimer; MG Classics is not sanctioning or requiring attendance to any events during this pandemic. It is each members obligation to weigh their own risk and risk to others and to take all precautions as outlined by the CDC. We just want to offer some normalcy ( even it comes with a mask! ) to members who would like this kind of opportunity.


Moving on I would like to welcome new member Jeff Schaefer and his white 1972 MG Midget. Welcome Jeff! We look forward to seeing you and your Midget at future events, hopefully our next club meeting.


That will wrap it up for this months Prez Sez, I’ll be chatting with you in person at our next meeting.

Safety Fast!



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