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A Blast from the Past | MG Classics of Jacksonville

Meeting Minutes: May 24, 1971

Delving into the MG Classics of Jacksonville Archives, courtesy of Neil Nelson, the Club Founder up popped the minutes of the Club meeting held on May 24, 1971 at Jim Brevard's home in Orange Park:


"Election of Officers for as six month period was held and are as follows: 

President - Neil Nelson

Vice President - Ray Chop

Secretary - Bob Fulton

Treasurer - Dale Howard

Spares - Jim Brevard

Librarian - Mickey Williams

Annual Dues were established at $5.00 per family, payable at the June meeting.

Associate Members (interested parties and/or non-owners) would be required to pay the same dues, however, would be non-voting members.

Considerable discussion as to the name on record for the club was held but no definite decision was reached. It would be helpful to bring suggestions to the next meeting.

A partial list of the suggestions presented:

Jacksonville Classic MG Club of Fla.

Classic MG Club of Jacksonville, Fla.

T Series Club of Jacksonville, Fla.

Very Limited MG Club of Jacksonville, Fla.

An advertisement will be run in "Road & Track advertising readewrs that the club has been formedand asking foradvice and catalogues.

A letter has been written to the Orlando, Fla. Club advising them of our organization and asking for help soliciting local area names and any other information that might be helpful in getting started.

Meeting nights will be the 4th Monday of each month.

 June Schedule:

Place: Office Building

Foot of Rosselle St.

Jacksonville, Fla.


Monday, June 28, 1971

7:30 PM, Tire Kicking.

8.00 PM, Meeting." 

Editors Note: The Document is unsigned.

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