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Old Yellow | MG 2022 in Peterborough, Canada

Old Yellow: An Adventure in Canada
Richard & Kathy Gross with their 1970 MGB at NAMGBR 2022 MG Show: June 2022

The excitement of the 3,000 mile round trip to Canada started months before in getting “Old Yellow” (1970 MGB) ready for the trip.  She had been prepped and polished for the GOF-South in April; only a fresh splash of octane was needed to get her engine to roar again. All her vital signs were given a work-over to ensure she was fit for the journey. She knew that she had to be presentable after her placing among her Southern sisters in April.

She had made a few trips out of the garage for some ice cream runs to be sure that everything was working as should be.  She would be going in style by having her own portable garage (trailer) to rest in every night for the duration of the adventure. Unfortunately her owner’s backs couldn't handle traveling all the way to Peterborough, Ontario in Old Yellow within the time scheduled for the adventure.

Old Yellow.jpg
Old Yellow

The trip started a week prior to reaching the Motorsport Park for the VARAC and Vintage Grand Prix racing events. Quality time was spent attending a seventy+ family gathering at the “Say-Hay Farm” in WV.

The excitement and adrenalin rush continued. As we drove to the Canadian Border booth with her navigator nervously wondering if we had all the information with passports and COVID paperwork for entry into Canada. We answered all the questions correctly except one; we did not know Old Yellow's tag number. Motoring on our first stop was Niagara-on-the-Lake for a few days taking in Estate Wineries and watching the large ships go up and down, and through the locks. We visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum which took a five hour tour to take everything in. The tour guide and I exchanged our experiences on aircraft that were similar in design and function. After touring the Toronto South area, we moved on to Peterborough to find our abode for the week. With good fortune it turned out that we had to stay at a hotel other than the event host hotel that was sold out. MGs were parked in every space available. The venue could not hold another twenty MG's for the event that were expected.

The vintage races were an excellent side attraction to the MG2022 NAMGBR show. They were in progress for four days, we attended the last two days of the event. We were able to drive through pit row with Old Yellow and stopped and chatted with some of the crew members and drivers. If they were not working on their cars they were very eager to talk about why and how they got involved in vintage racing. Of course we followed their progress on the track. It was possible to spot the front runners as they always shifted at the same spot on each turn into a curve or uphill climb. Old yellow and I wanted to be out there so bad. I had the roll bar but forgot the helmet and the number 9 decal.

The four day MG 2022 activities started with a meet and greet party which was a social event. We were warmly welcomed to a group that had driven their four B’s 500 miles from Sault Ste. Marie to Peterborough. We only knew a few other couples from previous shows but everyone welcomed us.

At the Race Meeting.jpg
At the Races

A large group was from the Toronto MG Club, the club that hosted the event. Most of the event MG’s were from Eastern Canada. Many activities were presented during the four days, so many that it was hard to choose which ones to attend. One of the best activities that had nothing to do with the MG event was a boat ride on a cruise boat through the locks nearby. We anticipated the most difficult thing would be the exchange of money but a Visa card was accepted everywhere. The weather was so nice that we were able to leave the top down all the time.

We received many comments and conversations once the other MG guests saw our 70 MGB plates were from Florida. The show ground was not at the hotel but several miles away on a soccer field lined with trees. Thankfully there was a long time for judging cars before the ballots were due. We barely made it back to the box as we wanted to stop to hear all the stories that many of the owners had to tell. Old Yellow did us proud, She was recognized for traveling such a long distance and was awarded first place in her class. Hopefully, you’ll see her in your next 'MG Driver' magazine. We always say after attending an event like this that it was a wonderful adventure and we enjoyed being among MG friends old and new who enjoy the same things. We left not having seen all that we wanted to see, but had a wonderful time.  We are looking forward to MG2023 in Calgary.

By Richard & Kathy Gross

Editor’s Note: Old Yellow won First Place in Her Class, Chrome Bumper MG’s built between 1969 through 1972. This Class comprised 23 MGs.

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