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They're Back !

Caffeine and Octane, The British Classic, and More ........!

Where to Start! For those MG Owners who are always looking for an excuse to fire up their Classic MG and go for a Drive with a destination, suddenly the local Car Show and Drive-in scene has blossomed. Which Hat to put on First! 'Caffeine and Octane', it is more immediate.

Caffeine and Octane: When I say It's Back I really mean Cars & Coffee. I've been a long time fan of Cars & Coffee dating back to its inception taking my various Jaguars and MGs to this monthly second Saturday event. This staple has been absent from the Avenues Mall for seventeen months due to COVID. Suddenly It's back on the Calendar. But ........ not as Cars & Coffee. It is now branded as Caffeine and Octane. What is this thing "Caffeine and Octane"?  The Caffeine and Octane Website (Jacksonville Section) states the following:

"Caffeine and Octane Joins Forces with Jacksonville Car Culture to Relaunch North Florida’s Popular Monthly Car Show, Speed & Style comes to Jacksonville. Caffeine and Octane expands its automotive enthusiast portfolio by partnering with Jacksonville Car Culture, host of Jacksonville Cars & Coffee, North Florida's popular monthly automotive event.  Our new partnership kicks off with the inaugural Caffeine and Octane Jacksonville on Saturday, July 10th! (Follow-up dates, August 14th, and September 11th) 

Jacksonville Cars & Coffee has enjoyed strong support from the close-knit North Florida automotive enthusiast community for more than a decade.  Long-time fans and attendees should expect the same family-friendly flavor at Caffeine and Octane Jacksonville".

Club President Bruce Sedelmeyer and your Webmaster decided to take a look to see if it lived up to the rhetoric. Wow! It did. Bigger and Better is the best way to describe it taking up twice the Lot area of the largest Cars & Coffee we had seen. I don't have the vehicle count but it was "A Lot".

This was a recce before we launched a Shoutout to Club members to join us at Caffeine and Octane in the future. The published rules are different from those for Cars & Coffee and the parking is more structured. We must drive in together to park MGs together. We took our T cars, Bruce's 1951 MGTD and my 1955 MGTF. They attracted quite a number of questions and comments from visitors. Stan Kinmonth was there in the military section with his Jeep and we had a visit from Club Member Jim Davey 


Watch for a Shoutout inviting you to join us at Caffeine and Octane on Saturday, August, 14, 2021

The British Classic: The local British Classic at the King's Head Pub is also back on the Car Show Schedule. The date is set for Saturday, October 16, 2021 with Parking from 8am. This year the Host Car Club is the Triumph Club of North Florida (TCNF). For those who have attended this Show before it will follow the traditional format used over the past few years. This is a 'Must Attend' Car Show for all British Classic car owners in the north east Florida catchment area. Details and Registration may be accessed by Clicking the Button Below:

And More..........: There is a significant number of Drive-in events and Car Shows on the docket in north east Florida and further afield so no excuse to leave the MG in the garage gathering cobwebs between now and the end of the year. A number of these events are listed in the Event Calendar on this website. However, this is a snap shot of a limited number of interest primarily to the Club webmaster. There are many more advertised in the local press, on the internet, and other Club websites. If you are a regular at your favorite Drive-in or annual Car Show please contact the webmaster and it will be included in the calendar.

Click on the Calendar Icon in the Page Header above or the Button in the Footer to access the Events Calendar.

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