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33rd Annual British Car Classic

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British Car Classic XXXIII

October 22, 2022

Report, Winners, and Acknowledgements

Upholding the Tradition

The weather Forecast for Show Day indicated a perfect day for the event, cool yet sunny all day. For the Setup Team scheduled to arrive prior to 6am it was a chilly start to the day driving our Event Classics with the tops down in the dark. However, all major items; canopies, tables, chairs, signs, and the multitude of Show paraphernalia required to run the Show efficiently had been staged in a room at the Pub on the Friday evening, courtesy Elaine. The parking spots on the Field had been carefully marked out the prior afternoon after Elaine had organized the mowing of the grass. Hot Coffee arrived; fortified by the coffee we were off to a running start to complete final setup for the anticipated early bird arrivals around 8am. 

We had seventy Classic Cars pre-Registered and seven stragglers turned up on Show day, making a total of seventy-seven Classics. We took a different approach with the event Class structure this year. We did not follow the long standing tradition of defining the classes by year but set the classes by Marque. In this way we considered the partisan voting experienced at past shows would be eliminated. This worked out very well, it did however result in more classes and more awards to be procured.

The Parking crew did an excellent job getting the vehicles on the Field and parked in their Class with only an occasional backup entering the Show field when a number of vehicles arrived simultaneously, some of whom had not pre-Registered. Other than that there was an orderly flow onto the Field.

Traditionally the biggest problem has been the counting of Ballots. This year we changed the Ballot forms to simplify the marking procedures to reduce confusion and the counting team was well schooled in the counting process by Richard Gross, the Ballot Master. The Show was scheduled to run from 9am through to 3pm with a target end time of 2pm. Amazingly, all the Awards winners had been called by the event compare, Arthur Crofton and awards handed out by Sybil Bradley and Bruce Sedelmeyer, the Co-chairs,  just prior to 2pm. A record in the modern history for this event.

As the cars left the field to return home, or the owners went inside the Kings Head for sustenance, the Cleanup Team went into action to clean up the field and parking lot. A big advantage of the constituents interested in Classic British Cars is that they use the trash bins so trash pickup was not necessary.

It took a small army of volunteers to plan, setup and make the Show a memorable event (for the right reasons).  Acknowledgments are in order as volunteers spent many hours of their precious time working hard to insure the event was a success.  Of course many, many thanks to Elaine for allowing us to hold the event at the Pub, it is fitting to hold a British Car Show at a British Pub, and the Pub staff for handling the Bar and Food Service. Not forgetting the Classic Car owners who polished their British Classics and headed to the event, without their participants there would be no Show.


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