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 MGs' at Jimmy Jam | MG Classics of Jacksonville

MGs' Invade the Jimmy Jam BBQ Slam Car Show

Video & Photos by MG Classics Member Len Geiger

MGs at Jimmy Jam Car Show.jpg

The Club's January Club meeting was canceled as our usual 'Last Saturday of the Month' meeting conflicted with the Annual Jimmy Jam BBQ Slam. The organizers of the BBQ had chosen Saturday, January 30, 2021 and Trout Creek Marina for their Event. Fortunately for us the event featured a Car Show.  We immediately changed focus and John Galeani launched a number of Shoutouts to Club members advertising the Show.

Show day arrived and the temperature had plummeted over night. Show registration ran from 8am to 10am so we thought that most of our regular Show going Members would stay under the warm blankets at home after reviewing the temperature. We had requested that Members arrive at 9am for registration in an effort to avoid the heavy traffic expected later. One hardy Group of members drove from Gainsville to join us at Trout Creek, a 90 minute drive in their MGBs'. They arrived shortly after the more Local MG owners arrived.

The Show organizers allowed us to park our MGs' together in a double line and we assembled Sixteen MGs' into our allotted area. We had room to Social Distance so we didn't feel crowded. A few Members' had been concerned about the potential to be struck down by COVID due to large crowds and had indicated that they would not attend for this reason. The Car Show ran from 10am to award time just after noon. The BBQ competition started around noon. Crowds were starting to flood into the event but by then we had enjoyed an excellent time kicking tires, talking MG, catching up with members we had not seen for some time, and speaking with interested spectators. The weather cooperated and by mid-day our Group had shed layers of clothing that kept us warm during the early morning drive to the Show. Show entry included one free BBQ per car and a number of Members enjoyed a BBQ meal. Eventually we decided to head home.


Of course we did not receive any of the three Show Awards, they all went to American Muscle cars. However, if there had been an award for the most cars featuring a single Marque, we would have captured that award with ease.

For those Members who decided not to bring their MG 'Out to Play', you missed an excellent time with a bunch of MG enthusiasts. For those who braved the morning Cold, thanks for a memorable day. I can attest to the fact that it was bone chilling driving a T-Car with the top down at 8am in the morning. During the outbound leg it was so cold that practically no heat penetrated the firewall to warm the cabin, but it was all worth the effort.

The Jimmy Jam BBQ Slam and Car Show is an event to raise money for Charity to help Local Residents in need. This was the fifth year of the event and their first at Trout Creek Marina. Ring Power was a Sponsor of the event this year.

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