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Support Services | MG Classics of Jacksonville

We can Help you Keep your MG on the Road & Looking Good

Browse our Support Resource Listing or Contact Us

We have a Comprehensive List of People and Organizations who can help you keep your MG running.

Our Listing is based on feedback from MG Classics of Jacksonville, Club members, other MG and British Car Clubs, and other British Car Owners.

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To Contact Us for Technical Advice Click the Button Below:


Disclaimer: MG classics cannot warrant Any advice or Work undertaken by Organizations on our Support Resource Listing. The listing is based on feedback from MG and Other British Car Owners who reported a satisfactory result after using one of the listed Resorces. We cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied by their Work on your MG or British Car. 

If you have had an unsatisfactory result after using one of the listed resources please report it using our Contact Form and we will remove the Resource from our List. Conversely, if you have identified an excellent support resource not on our List please let us know.

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