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 Members Only Registration | MG Classics of Jacksonville 

Only Members in Good Standing can Access the Members Only Area

1. To Register go to the Members Only on the Main Menu (It is a drop down menu accessed by Clicking on the 'More' adjacent to the HOME link in the Website Header.) A page appears with a 'Members Only' Menu.

2. Click on any item in Blue Text under the Members Only Menu Header.

3. A Login Form will be displayed as Shown:

Note the New to this Website? Sign Up text

4. Click on the Blue Sign Up text

The Form Display will Change to the Sign Up Form

5. Add the eMail Address you signed up to join MG Classics with and add a Password you can easily remember. Submit the Form using the Sign Up button

6. You will receive an Acknowledgement as Shown.


7. After you submit the Form the Website Administrator is automatically sent an eMail displaying your Request. The Administrator will check if you are a member in Good Standing and your eMail address. If you are In Good standing the Administrator will Approve your Access and you will be notified by eMail. If you are not in Good Standing your Access request will be denied.

Login  Form.jpg
Sign Up Form.jpg
Request Aknowledgement.png

8. NOTE: The cutoff date for Membership Renewals is March 1 of the current Calendar Year. Any Member who has not renewed their Membership prior to this date will automatically be Blocked from Access to the Members Only Area, their details removed from the Club Roster, the Newsletter Distribution, and any Club eMail Distribution list.

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