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MG Classics Members

MG Classics Members who wish to sell a MG, Spare Parts for MG Cars, or Services: Advertisement is Posted Free of Charge for 90 Days. All ads will expire after 90 days but sellers will have the option to extend ad by request to webmaster. ​​

If Seller is not a Member of MG Classics

Advertisements for non-members will be charged $10 for running the Advert for 90 days. After the 90 Days the Seller will be invoiced for $10 to extend the advertisement for a further 90 Days. Failure to pay the invoice within Ten Days of receipt of the invoice will result in the Advertisement being suspended.


Advertisements for Business Owners

Business Advertisements for Members will be handled as indicated for members. Business Advertisements for non-members will be handled as non-members cited above.

Special Packages

From Time to Time the Club may offer Special Advertising packages. These will be noted on the Registration Form.


The Policy defined above relates to both Advertisements in the MG Classics Newsletter and the MG Classics Website.    

Payment By Credit Card Using the Paypal Secure Payment Portal or Personal or Business Paypal Account Only.