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A Neil Nelson Special: From an Ugly Duckling to a Beauty

MG Classics President and Webmaster visited with MG Classics Founder Member, Neil Nelson, and were fortunate to enjoy a preview of Neil's latest project Car, the 1952 MGTD featured in the Photograph above. What a Beauty! It is probably best defined as a 1952&1/2 MGTD. Mostly 1952 with some features of a 1953 model. This is not unusual for MG to have a mixed bag of elements before a minor change in model features. New stock is available in the factory for the next years model, however there remains an overstock of most elements for the current years production. Hence the 1952&1/2 description. Many MGs' are around in this mixed bag condition when model features are about to undergo a minor change. This is not just a feature of the 1952/53 MGTD but many different models and years entering a transition year.

The next stage is the Road Trials. The Task is to find out what’s not to standard and fix it, and the best way to do that is to drive. Most diagnosis takes place on the road, usually starting with some short trips. Every time you stop, pop the hood and look for problems. Jot down every rattle, squeak, or annoyance encountered and add it to the "To be Sorted" list to be addressed.

Neil is currently in the process of building a new facility to store his MG collection adjacent to the workshop in the photograph. The new storage facility will have a floor area of 1,200 Sq. Feet and accommodate up to five MGs. The Workshop will remain to allow Neil to continue with his hobby of restoring MG's to add to his fine collection.

The MGTD above is a clear candidate for a 'Best in Class' award at the next GOF-South, or perhaps even a 'Best in Show'.

What will Neil's next Project MG be?


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