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Tech. Session Policy | MG Classics of Jacksonville 

The Primary Objective of a Tech. Session is to Teach MG and other Little British Car (LBC) Owners how to maintain their LBC’s. It is not intended to be a low cost resource for an Oil change.


Simple items like fluid changes are more conveniently completed with the Car in the Air., i.e. located on a lift for easier access to the drains and in some cases the filler locations. In such cases as fluid changes the LBC owner is expected to do the work themselves. If unsure when to find the drain plugs and filling positions they will be pointed out to the owner by a knowledgeable member.


More esoteric issues such as electrical faults, significant brake issues, etc.; the experts present may carry out a diagnostic analysis and, if practical fix the problem during the session. If it cannot be fixed conveniently at the Tech. Session then the owner will be informed of the results of the diagnosis and referred to a potential source where the issue may be fixed at a cost to the Vehicle owner. 


Remember, it is a Leaning Session and not a substitute for having an expert do simple tasks like change the oil, or other simple routine maintenance issues. 

What you need to bring:

  1. A change of Clothes that you don’t mind being soiled with oil, grunge, or other fluids and dirt.

  2. All Special Oils required such as high zinc Engine 0il. Gearbox Oils, Differential and Steering Box Oils, Gaskets, Seals, Special Fasteners, and Replacement Parts required.

  3. Standard Bearing Grease and DOT 3 brake fluid maybe available. If your LBC uses DOT 5.0 Brake Fluid or Special Lubricants you must bring your Own.

  4. Bring Shop Rags and Cleaning Materials to use to clean up after your work.

  5. Special Tools maybe available but only for use during the Tech. Session. We do not loan Special Tools to members for use away from the Workshop premises.

  6. For reasons of Safety, Lifts must not be operated except by the owner of the Workshop Premises. This is to insure that lifts are fully locked and safe.

  7. Facilities are generally available on a First Come basis and all requests may not be processed in the case of a high number of work requests. It is the prerogative of the Workshop Owner to define what requests will be addressed based on resources available. 


If you are not sure what Parts or Special Fasteners you need to bring consult you Car’s Operational Manual, Workshop Manual if you have one, or the exploded views in the MOSS MOTORS Parts Catalogue for your car. The MOSS Parts Catalogue is an excellent resource to see how assemblies fit together and feature parts lists identifying each component.

SAFETY: You will be working in a Repair Shop setting with other vehicles and people milling around. Be very careful when walking around or moving your LBC. You are responsible for the safe behavior of Yourself and any Guest you bring. By attending a MG Classics Tech.Session you are accepting that you agree to absolve the Club Officers and Directors, the Workshop Owner, and all other MG Classics of Jacksonville Members and their Guests from Liability.

MG's will be given preference over other Marques of British Cars.

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