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Club Meeting Minutes

MG Classics of Jacksonville

Meeting September 26, 2020

Meeting Convened: 10.30am                      

Total Attendance: 16

Number of MGs: 9    

New Members: Jim and Janet Snyder

Returning Members: 

Guests: None

Location: The September Club meeting was held at Trout Creek Marina in the open air on Saturday, September 26, 2020. The open air meeting was held to mitigate the potential to transmit the COVID virus. Unfortunately the Pavilion was not available to us as work was being carried out to clean the Memorial recently erected close to the Pavilion. Trucks and other items occupied the Pavilion. We sat under the shade trees for the event.

Old Business

1. Cancelled Events: Numerous events have been cancelled due to COVID-19. These include Cars and Coffee at the Avenues Mall, the Monthly JAX Beach Cruise, the annual British Car Classic at King’s Head Pub, and GOF-South 2021 to be hosted by MG Classics.  The newsletter and website will be the means of updating the membership about events as they are either cancelled or rescheduled.

New Business

1. The Passing of Choo-Choo Germano: We are saddened to announce the passing of Choo-Choo (Richard) Germano, a long time and much loved MG Classics Member. You may view comments about Choo-Choo by Clicking Here.

2. The Club Website: For Technical Reasons the old MG Classics Website is no longer supported and a new replacement has been built. You may find the new Website by Clicking Here. Please note there are additional items yet to be added and the webmaster has to add the Login Credentials for all Members to access the 'Members Only' area. 


2a. Club Meeting Minutes: Club Meeting Minutes are now being posted on our Website along with the “ Prez Sez “ article. Fred Groenert is doing a great job with our Newsletter and has a standing request for articles submitted by members. This could be in the form of tech articles and tips, humorous stories, historical information, etc.…


3. Events Coordinator: At the last meeting a request was put out asking for a volunteer to fill the roll of MG Classics 'Events Coordinator'. New member John Galeani stepped up and is already doing a fine job. Thanks John!


4. Covid 19 - We are still in the grips of this pandemic, which has certainly changed how we do everything. On the bright side it is heartening to see members getting their cars out and being flexible to do things differently and safely! Many of our normal shows and gatherings have been cancelled, at least for this year. The MG Classics Board has voted to cancel next years 2021 GOF-South that we were scheduled to host. The Best Western Gateway Grand Hotel has graciously agreed to allow us to cancel our contract and refund our $500 deposit.


5. Officer Elections: MG Classics holds elections for the 4 club officers at the November Annual General Meeting. Two or Three volunteers are required to form a nominations committee to seek out possible members for the 4 positions. We will then announce the candidates at the October meeting to be voted on at the AGM in November. No volunteers came forward at this time.


6. Motion: Ian Massey put forward a motion to officially allow new members who join in the 4th quarter to include the following years membership through to January 31, 2021 for the 1 year dues price. Thereafter to revert to the Jan 1 to Dec 31 cycle. The Motion was seconded by Len Geiger. Members present voted and passed the Motion unanimously.

7. Shows Still Scheduled: 

7a. The North American Council of MG Registers has scheduled MG International 2021, to be held June 14–17 in Atlantic City N.J. This is a huge event usually drawing 1000 MG’s. Mark Spaulding and Richard Gross have both attended before and Mark has agreed to help plan a caravan to this event. Sounds very interesting!

7b. Clay County Cruisers 'Back to the Fifties Car Show - November 14, 2020.

7c. The Ponte Vedra Auto Show is still set for November 15, 2020.

7d. Cars and Coffee at the Classic Car Museum of St. Augustine remains a regular the third Saturday of each month.

7e. The Military Vehicle Preservation Assoc. has changed the date of its Fall Show and Swap meet to February 19–21, 2021 at Reynolds Industrial Park, US16 at Bunker Ave, Green Cove Springs Fl. It’s free! Come see Tanks firing, buy a helicopter ride in a Viet Nam era Huey helicopter, and meander around many restored military vehicles. Not recommended for very small children or pets due to loud weapons noise. Please bring hearing protection!

8. Trout Creek Marina/Fish Camp. We have procured the Trout Creek Marina for our club meetings through April 2021 and have an insurance certificate for the same time period through our NAMGBR membership. I would ask all MGB owners to please consider joining NAMGBR if you are not currently a member. The Insurance alone makes it extremely worthwhile to our club with a saving of $1500.00 a year on not having to purchase our own insurance.

8a. Our agreement with Trout Creek Marina stipulates that we are able to hold our meetings under the pavilion once a month for free with a maximum of 20 attendees. In the event of 21 or more attendees the club will incur a maximum $50.00 charge. The Board has agreed that the club will fund this Charge. On a personal note I hope we incur this fee every month!!

9. GOF-South: The Classic MG club of Orlando has advised us that they will be hosting the 2022 GOF-South; this will put our club in line to host the 2023 GOF-South. Here’s hoping a reliable vaccine has been found and distributed by that time!

10. Christmas Party: Due to COVID-19 still in the picture it is very likely there will not be a Christmas Party in 2020. We will keep members apprised.

11. Club Memorabilia: Car Badges for sale $30 for members and $40 non-members. Club patches for sale $1 each.

12. Tax Status: No update, the President will follow up with Mike Kazmierski- Action - Bruce

13. 50/50 and Raffle Results: 

  • 50/50 drawing winner - Richard Gross won $26.00 and is donating his winnings to the Middleburg Food Bank. Well done Richard! 

  • Neil Nelson and Wayne Snook donate an “at cost” part from Moss Motors. Must be used with-in 30 days. Good for One part only. Winner - Maarten Rotman  

Next Meeting: 

The next club meeting will be held October 31, 2020, at 10am. Location will be Trout Creek Marina/Fish Camp.

Meeting adjourned at Noon.


Bruce Sedelmeyer - President.

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