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Meeting Minutes | MG Classics of Jacksonville 

November 27, 2021

Meeting Convened: 11am

Total Attendance: 24

Number of MGs: 13 + One Triumph Motorcycle

New Members Present: Codi Kimball

Returning Members: Greg & Barbara Arnold

Guests: Barney and Elliott Gaylord

Location: The Meeting was held at Trout Creek Memorial Park and Marina to mitigate the potential for COVID Virus transmission. The weather started out cold: Forty-eight Degrees when some members fired up their MG and started out with the top down with a perfect cloudless Sky. By 11am the temperature warmed slightly and thirteen MG Owners arrived in their MG to display at the Park. Twenty-four Members and their Guests attended the Meeting. We had the option of abandoning the shade of the Pavilion and arranged our chairs in the gloriously warming sunshine.

The President welcomed Greg and Barbara Arnold with their 1949 MG YT on its first outing after Greg completed extensive work to make the YT roadworthy and safe to drive. New members Vincent Castrovinci and Elizabeth Sutton with their '79 MGB are our latest MG Owners to join the Club. A very special guest and his son arrived in their MGA complete with trailer; Barney Gaylord and his son Elliott. Barney is a MGA Guru running the Website '' that contains extensive information on all things technical, not only associated with a MGA but also relevant too many other models of MG and British cars.

Old Business

1. Information Update: Go to the MG Classics of Jacksonville Website Events Calendar and the Newsletter for current information updates. Name Badges, Club Patches*, and Club Car Badges may be purchased via the Website using your PayPal account, Credit Card, or a Personal Check. Note: We are unable to ship items so they must be picked up at a Club meeting or event. *New members are entitled to two free club patches with their membership.

2. Resource Directory: The Club Resource Directory continues to grow and should be reviewed when looking for assistance in keeping your MG on the road, reliable, and safe. We have added a new Body Shop that specializes in painting at a reasonable price and a source for flat bar, angle iron, square tube etc….

New Business

1. Christmas Party: This is going to be a great time to get together with fellow club members and enjoy camaraderie, an excellent box lunch, beautifully decorated MG’s, and hopefully some very ugly Christmas sweaters. There’s still time to sign up with the deadline of Dec. 3rd. Please go to the website and register on the Christmas Bells link, the more the merrier! Also, consider donating a gift or gift card to add to the raffle prizes.

2. 2022 Club Dues: For those who have not renewed their Club membership yet your club membership will expire on 12/31/21. Renewing is easy, there Is a link on the Home Page of the Website that’s quick and easy to fill out. We do not offer Hard Copy Registration due to the work involved in administering a hard copy option. Remember, all Club Officials are volunteers and the automated online Registration process eliminates considerable time and effort in keeping our Membership records current. 

3. Drives and Shows Reports:


3a) October Club Drive and Picnic: Richard Gross gave an update on the October Club Drive and Picnic to the Ravine State Park in Palatka. Originally scheduled for October 6 the event attracted eleven MGs. However, it had to be rescheduled until October 13 due to storm conditions. Unfortunately the October 13 reschedule attracted only four MGs due to most of the original October 6 group having schedule conflicts or dropped out due to a wet weather forecast. The group did experience rain showers during their time in the Park but everyone enjoyed driving the MG.

3b) Ponte Vedra Car Show: Mark Spaulding reported on the Ponte Vedra Car Show. Mark was surprised as a Street Legal Indy Car overtook him on his drive out to the Show. The Indy Car was a major 'Crowd Pleaser' at the Show.

3c) MG Jamboree 22: Ian Massey gave an overview of the MG Jamboree 22 held in Safety Harbour, Florida. It was a six hour drive outbound in the Massey's '72 MGB and almost the same time to drive home after the event. The Show Ground was a part of the annual Celtic Festival in Dunedin, FL.

3d) GOF- South 2022: Ian Massey gave an overview of the planning meeting for GOF-South 2022 to be hosted by The Classic MG Club of Orlando. There are a number of missing cost elements to nail-down before the Registration can be released. However, those wishing to participate should book a room at the Host Hotel while rooms are still available. For details Click Here.

4. Special Guest, Barney Gaylord: Barney arrived complete with MGA towing a trailer. Describing Barney as the MGA Guru is an understatement. His Website includes Four-thousand pages and covers all things MGA. The information is not only relevant to MG's but also MGB's and has helpful information about all Classic British Cars. Barney's Website may be accessed by 'Clicking Here'. Barney gave an interesting talk about his MG experiences.

5. Major Upcoming Shows and Auto Events: December is always a thin month for Auto-centric events due to the focus on the Christmas Season

5a) Caffeine and Octane: Still Scheduled for Saturday, December 11, 2021. However, this conflicts with the Club's Christmas Party.

5b) Palataka Fly-in and Car Show: A fun way to spend a Saturday. More details to be eMailed out to members soon. Scheduled Saturday, February 5, 2022.

5c) Cars and Coffee at Amelia Concours: Still no registration available. Scheduled for March 5, 2022.

5d) Annual Military Show: Last Week in March. Details coming soon.

For more information about local Shows and Auto-centric events go to the Events Calendar.

6. Election of Club Officers for Calendar 2022:

President: Mark Spaulding was Nominated to take the reins as President. Mark was duly Elected by unanimous Vote

Vice President: Len Geiger was Nominated to act as Vice President. Len was duly elected by unanimous Vote

Treasurer: Ron Pollanari was Nominated to take over as Treasure. Ron was duly elected by unanimous Vote

Secretary: We have no current Nomination for Secretary. However, Sybil Bradley has indicated she will continue with this Role.

The Elected Officers will be formally inaugurated at the Club Christmas Party and take up their Office on January 1, 2022.

2021 President, Bruce Sedelmeyer, thanked the Officers and Board Members who have worked with him and supported him through the three years that he served as President:

Mark Spaulding as Vice President

Mike Hogan as Treasurer

Sybil Bradley as Secretary

7. Club Newsletter, Our Newsletter Editor, Fred Groenert, is always looking for stories, articles, tech tips, etc. for our monthly Newsletter. If you have any articles of interest please contact Fred.

8. Raffle & 50/50:

  • 50/50 Drawing: Barbara Arnold was the winner of the 50/50 cash pot of $44.

  • Part at Cost: Neil Nelson and Wayne Snook donated an “at cost” part from Moss Motors. Must be used within 30 days. Good for One item only. Winner - Charles Fenwick.

  • Jim Bak Memorabilia: A beautiful Pewter Mug donated by Jim Bak was won by Mark Spaulding.

** Note: Due to a Change in Florida Tax Law, Purchase Tax must be paid on all items shipped into Florida. This impacts all purchases from out-of State MG parts vendors, including those purchased via the Club's MOSS distributor! After Neil and Wayne's Distributor discounts to Club members the Tax hit is marginally less painful.

MG Classics of Jacksonville's Annual Christmas Party

Date: Saturday, December 11, 2021:

Trout Creek Memorial Park and Marina, St. Augustine

Noon until 3pm 

Meeting adjourned at 1.30pm although groups hung around kicking tires and talking MG and Club Stuff.

Submitted:             Approved:

Sybil Bradley         Bruce Sedelmeyer

Secretary               President.



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