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Meeting Minutes | MG Classics of Jacksonville 

Meeting November 28, 2020

Meeting Convened: 10am 

Total Attendance: 16

Number of MGs: 3    

New Members: Jeff Schaefer, James Morecraft, Milton Hartman

Returning Members: None

Guests: None

Location: The November Club meeting was held at Trout Creek Marina in the open air on Saturday, November 28, 2020. The open air meeting was held to help mitigate the potential to transmit the COVID virus.

Twenty-Four Members Registered to attend. However this was reduced to an attendance of Sixteen due to persistent rain forecast for the day. The 'real weather' at the Marina was dry before and for the duration of the meeting.

Old Business

1. Information Update: Please go to the MG Classics of Jacksonville, FL Website and the Newsletter for current information Club news, and Events Calendar. Name Badges may be ordered from the website as well as Club patches and Club Car Badges. Please note these items may be paid with PayPal, Credit Card, or Check (check must clear bank before we can order them from our supplier). We are unable to ship items and they must be picked up at a club meeting or event. New members are entitled to Two free Club patches with their membership.

2. COVID 19: MG Classics is not sanctioning or requiring attendance to any events during this pandemic. It is each member's obligation to weigh their own risk, the risk to others, and to take all precautions as outlined by the CDC. We want to offer some normalcy (even it comes with a mask!) to members who would like the opportunity to attend events. The President reminded all present they must practice Safe Social Distancing at all MG Classics events.

3. Back to the Fifties Car Show: The Show was a Great success. Bruce Sedelmeyer won a top 30 trophy with his newly acquired 1951 TD and the Club's MG presence included Mark & Vanessa Albright's MGB, Ian & Paula Massey's MGTF, Cherry Jones' MGTD, Mike Hogan's MGB, and Richard & Kathy Gross with their MGB. Stan Kinmonth attended in support of the Club.

New Business

1. New Members: James Morecraft and Milton Hartman arrived to the meeting as Guests and departed as full Members. Welcome James and Milton. 

2. Tax Filing Status: The President reported that he had met with Mike Kazmierski to discuss the Club's Tax Filing Status. He awaits a further update from Mike.

3. Service Directory: A significant feature when the Club was formed was to provide Technical support for Club members. We are currently working to gather data for a Directory of Repair & Services options to support members. A limited Directory has been published on the Website but requires more content. We request members to contact Ian Massey or the President to add shops and other resources they currently use or have used in the past with satisfactory results to add to the Directory.


3a. Call for Support: We request any member with mechanical skill or knowledge who is willing to advise a fellow member on a repair, or possibly help with a repair, either for free or at an agreed upon price to Volunteer to be added to the Directory. (Privacy will be maintained in-line with the Club's Privacy Policy). We have a number of new members who joined recently who are requesting Technical support.

3b. Richard Gross stated that he will develop a Check List of items to consider when contacting a mechanic or organization to work on your MG. 

4. Newsletter: The Club's Newsletter Editor, Fred Groenert, is always looking for items to include in the Newsletter. If you have any stories or Tech tips to share please send them to Fred through the ‘Contact Us’ Form on the website. To access the Form Click Here .

5. Show/Drive Opportunities:

5a. The Military Vehicle Preservation Assoc. has changed the date of its Fall Show and Swap meet to Feb. 19–21, 2021 at Reynolds Industrial Park, US16 at Bunker Ave, Green Cove Springs FL. It’s free! Come see Tanks firing, buy a helicopter ride in a Viet Nam era Huey, and meander around many restored military vehicles. Not recommended for very small children or pets due to loud weapons noise. Please bring hearing protection!

5b. Cars & Coffee St. Augustine: There will not be a December Cars & Coffee at the Classic Car Club of St. Augustine. See the events Calendar on the Club Website for the C&C in January 2021.


5c. Cars & Coffee at Amelia 2021: Ten Club Members' MGs have been accepted and Five are on a Waiting List.


5d. MG International 2021: The North American Council of MG Registers has scheduled MG International 2021, to be held June 14–17 in Atlantic City N.J. This is a huge event usually drawing 1000 MG’s. Mark Spaulding and Richard Gross have both attended before and Mark has agreed to help plan a caravan to drive to this event. Contact Mark, the Club 2021 Vice President.


5e. Cars and Coffee Jacksonville & JAX Beach Cruise: Cancelled until further notice due to COVID.

6. MG Restoration Project: Richard Gross shared details of his current project to restore his MGTD. This promoted a discussion on a number of aspects of the project.

7. Post Meeting Tech. Discussion: After the meeting a number of members spent time reviewing and discussing various MG related matters, in particular those associated with MG Engine Bay details. The three MGBs present presented examples of their engine bays. This session was informative, particularly for our new members.

8. Officer Election: The following Members were Unanimously elected by the Members present to posts to serve as Officers for Calendar 2021.

President: Bruce Sedelmeyer, Vice President: Mark Spaulding, Treasurer: Mike Hogan, Secretary: Sybil Bradley.

9. Raffle & 50/50:

  • 50/50 Drawing: Winner - Richard Gross who won $24.00. Richard generously donated his winnings to his local Food Bank.

  • Part at Cost: Neil Nelson and Wayne Snook donated an “at cost” part from Moss Motors. Must be used within 30 days. Good for One item only. Winner - Bruce Sedelmeyer. Bruce immediately rushed off to order a Luggage Rack for his MGB after the meeting ended!

MG Classics Christmas Party

In Place of the December Club Meeting the MG Club's Christmas Party will be held on Sunday, December 13, 2020

Deadline to Order your Meal: Tuesday, December 1, 2020

For Details and Registration: Click Here 

Meeting adjourned at 11.50am.

Submitted:             Approved:

Sybil Bradley         Bruce Sedelmeyer

Secretary               President.

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