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Meeting Minutes | MG Classics of Jacksonville 

Annual General Meeting, November 19, 2022

Meeting Convened: 10.30am

Total Attendance: 21

Number of MGs: 4

New Members Present: None

Returning Members: Jeff & Paula Ashcroft

Guests: None

Location: The Meeting was held at the Bannon Lakes Community Center, St. Augustine.


The weather included rain so a number of attendees elected to arrive in their Daily Drivers and leave their MGs at home. We received 5 RSVP's from Regular Attendees due to various issues, including traveling to visit with family for Thanksgiving.

Old Business

1. British Car Classic: The British Car Classic held at the Kings Head Pub on Saturday, October 22 was a great success. Sybil Bradley and Bruce Sedelmeyer lead the team from our Club that planned and executed the event. 77  British Classics attended a superb event; the weather was perfect, all aspects of the event were executed smoothly without any issues. Parking was accomplished without any snarl-ups. The Voting tabulation was completed in record time thanks to Team Lead Richard Gross and his small team of vote tabulators. We received many compliments from those attending from other British car clubs for a most enjoyable and smoothly executed event. The event made a profit of $1,400 and raised $381 for a local Food Bank.


New Business

1. Club Officers and Directors: The Nominations for the posts of Club Officers and Directors were announced and voted in by the Quorum present. A new slate of Officers was appointed for 2022 and they were requested to serve for two one year terms as 2023 is the year our Club is hosting GOF-South 2023. It was considered inappropriate to appoint a new slate of potential inexperienced Officers for 2023. 

Elected Officers:

President - Mark Spaulding

Vice President - Fred Woller

Treasurer - Ron Pallonari 

Secretary - OPEN 

Elected Directors:

Club Founder - Neil Nelson

Past President - Bruce Sedelmeyer

Len Geiger

Richard Gross

Jim Hall

Mike Hogan

Lorraine Puzanskas

The Position Club Secretary remains Open and a Volunteer is required to fill this position for 2023. If interested please contact Mark Spaulding.

2. Treasurer's Report: The Club funds remain in a strong position with a balance of $17K. These Funds are required to support the Cash outflow as the expenses associated with the GOF are released prior to the receipt of revenues from the event. The British Car Classic made a net profit of $1,400.

3. Cruisin' to the Creek: This show was postponed due to weather conditions in October and is now scheduled for Saturday, December 3, 2022. The Club has paid for ten spots at the show. Some members have already registered and paid the FCCC to attend. Additional members wishing to attend are covered by the ten spots reserved, those who have already Paid directly to FCCC require a refund from the Club.


4. 2023 Club Meeting Schedule: It was agreed that the Club meetings for January, February, and March 2023 will be held at the Bannon Lakes Community Center. Mike Hogan will book appropriate dates for the three meetings in the First Quarter of 2023. Later meeting locations to be identified at the January meeting.

5. Christmas Holiday Party: The 2022 Christmas Holiday Party will take place at the Bannon Lakes Community Center on Saturday December, 10 between the hours of 2pm to 5pm. Setup and Teardown assignments will be between 12pm to 2pm and 5pm to 6pm respectively. The charge will be $5 per head. Food and beverage will be supplied by the Club up to a limit of $25 per head. If you wish to bring a dessert or cookies to share please do so. Members are encouraged to decorate their MG and themselves with Christmas Attire.  Please register for this event as we require to know how much food to purchase. 

6. GOF-South 2023: The Club is responsible for hosting GOF-South 2023 at the Best Western Gateway Grand Hotel & Conference Center in Gainesville, FL., in April 2023. The Organization of the Event is now well advanced and it is proposed to launch the Registration Form within the next ten days. Event Chairman Richard Gross gave a full rundown on the plans for the event. The Event includes a NAMGAR sponsored Regional element featuring MGAs. A Motion was passed to provide authority to the Club Officers to add additional funds to the Budget up to $2,000 should it become  necessary


Details of GOF-South 2023 may be seen at the Event Website at the following URL:

7. Club Membership Dues: Club membership dues are due January 1, 2023. Membership dues will remain at $30 per family.

Other Business


Club member John Lovejoy won First Place in the European Division of the Ponte Vedra Car Show in October with his MGTD. Congratulations John!

Next Meeting: The next meeting is the gathering for the Christmas Holiday Party on Saturday, December 10, 2022 at the Bannon Lakes Community Center at 2pm.

Meeting Adjourned at 12.30pm

Submitted:             Approved:

Webadmin             Mark Spaulding

11/20/22                 President.

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