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Meeting Minutes | MG Classics of Jacksonville 

June 26, 2021

Meeting Convened: 10am

Total Attendance: 23

Number of MGs: 11 + 1 Triumph Spitfire

New Members: Mike Borns (1970 MGB)

Returning Members: Wayne Snook and Dave Hodson attended after Absence during the COVID emergency.

Guests: Richard Massfeller

Location: The June Club meeting was held at Trout Creek Memorial Park & Marina in the open air on Saturday, June 26, 2021. The open air meeting was held to mitigate the potential to transmit the COVID virus.

The weather forecast called for rain so a number of members travelled in their daily Driver. However, other than a brief sprinkle of light rain the weather behaved during the meeting.

The President welcomed new Member Mike Borns, and gave a mention of the fact that we hadn't had the pleasure of Wayne Snook's company since pre-COVID days.

Old Business

1. Information Update: Go to the MG Classics of Jacksonville Website Events Calendar and the Newsletter for current information updates. Name Badges, Club Patches*, and Club Car Badges may be purchased via the Website using your PayPal account, Credit Card, or a Personal Check. Note: We are unable to ship items so they must be picked up at a Club meeting or event.* New members are entitled to 2 free club patches with their membership.

2. Resource Directory: The Club Resource Directory continues to grow. The Directory lists various organizations and people who may be able to help you keep your MG roadworthy. We have added two Machine Shops to the Listing, one for general fabrication, milling, and turning, the other for milling, turning, and boring engine block cylinders.

New Business

1. 1954 MGTF: Dave Hodson brought his recently restored 1954 MGTF to the meeting. What a beauty, it was nice to see it on the road. For a Photograph of Dave's TF go to the 'MGs' Out and About' Photo Album.

2. Membership: With the addition of a returning member who rejoined at the meeting the Club membership now stands at one hundred primary members. A good result in the light of the impact of COVID.

3. Event Activity: As we move into summer with its high temperatures and humidity the number of Car-centric events are starting to reduce. The JAX Beach Cruise scheduled for the third Tuesday each month has been reinstated. Unfortunately the first event was rained off. A few other Cars & Coffee events in St. Augustine and Fleming Island remain on the Calendar. Unless COVID flares as an issue we expect a resurgence of activity in the Fall, including our local British Classic.

The President noted that some members are organizing semi-local Ice Cream runs. All members have access to the Club Membership Roster; register, if you haven't already, search the Roster by Zip Code and setup a local Ice Cream run for yourself and a few members living close to your locality. This is a fun way to drive your MG in the company of a few other owners.

4. MG International 2021: Mark Spaulding gave an interesting and amusing account of his adventure driving to, attending, and racing back from MG international 2021. Expect to hear a lot more and see photographs of this adventure over the next week or so. You can view a video of a 1934 MG K3 race car on the Club Website. Turn up the volume on your Internet Access Device and Watch and listen.

5. Amelia Concours: The rights of ownership to the Amelia Concours have been sold by Bill Warner to Hagerty. Cars & Coffee at the Amelia Concours is a favorite 'must attend' annual event for a number of our members. Hopefully this event will continue into the future.

6. 1949 MG YT: A visit by the Prez and a Sidekick to the garage of Club member Greg Arnold yielded a nice surprise; Greg is part way through the rehabilitation of a 1949 MG YT. Hopefully the YT will be on road-ready in the Fall and we will be able to kick the tires at a meeting later in the year.

7. GOF-South 2022: The Website for GOF-South 2022 is now under development and does contain details of the Venue and multiple Drives and Rallyes' programmed. The event scheduled has been published and further details are being finalized. Book your room at the Host hotel while rooms are still available. It is recommended to stay at the center of action at the Host hotel. Details of the event are published at:

Event Registration will be available soon.

8. MOSS Parts and Accessories Discount: The way to save money on your parts and accessory orders is to place the order through Wayne Snook and Neil Nelson, our local MOSS representative. They pass on a discount to Club members and bundle orders so that shipping is reduced and, depending on the total value of the bundle, may be free. With parts prices and shipping costs being hiked this is the easy way to save $$$'s. NOTE: MOSS is currently running their Summer Sale, this results in even more savings ordering through Wayne and Neil! 

9. Newsletter: Our Newsletter Editor, Fred Groenert, is always looking for stories, articles, tech tips etc. for our newsletter. If you have any such thing, please contact Fred.

10. Raffle & 50/50:

  • 50/50 Drawing: Mark Spaulding was the winner of the 50/50 and returned home with the $44 pot.

  • Part at Cost: Neil Nelson and Wayne Snook donated an “at cost” part from Moss Motors. Must be used within 30 days. Good for One item only. Winner - Lorraine Puzanskas.

11. Damn Car Won't Start!: Lorraine Puzanskas' 1980 MGB wouldn't fire up when she was ready to leave for home. Charles Fenwick played around with the ignition system and the B eventually fired up. An 'Attaboy' for Charles.

Next Meeting

Date: Saturday, July 31, 2021:

Venue and Time to be Determined

Meeting adjourned at Noon although groups hung around kicking tires and talking MG and Club Stuff.

Submitted:             Approved:

Sybil Bradley         Bruce Sedelmeyer

Secretary               President.


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