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Meeting Minutes | MG Classics of Jacksonville 

July 31, 2021

Meeting Convened: 10am

Total Attendance: 21

Number of MGs: 10

New Members Present: None

Returning Members: Kimberley Dyson.

Guests: None

Location: Originally the July Club meeting was scheduled to be at The Caddyshack at World Golf Village. However, due to a surge in COVID cases in the Jacksonville Catchment area the decision was made to switch to the outdoor location of Trout Creek Memorial Park & Marina in the open air. The open air meeting was held to mitigate the potential to transmit the COVID virus.

The weather forecast called for temperatures in excess of 90 Degrees so we expected a low turnout. However, twenty-one members attended in ten MGs. A number of members travelled in their daily Driver to take advantage of their A/C . For most of the meeting period a cooling breeze blew through the pavilion reducing the effect of the higher temperature. The early time for the start of the meeting also helped everyone keep cool.

The President welcomed the return of Kimberley Dyson and congratulated Geoff Ashcroft for a fast recovery after serious surgery. Geoff and Paula Ashcroft joined us for the meeting.

Old Business

1. Information Update: Go to the MG Classics of Jacksonville Website Events Calendar and the Newsletter for current information updates. Name Badges, Club Patches*, and Club Car Badges may be purchased via the Website using your PayPal account, Credit Card, or a Personal Check. Note: We are unable to ship items so they must be picked up at a Club meeting or event.* New members are entitled to 2 free club patches with their membership.

2. Resource Directory: The Club Resource Directory continues to grow and should be reviewed when looking for assistance in keeping your MG fit and healthy and on the road.

3. Club Roster: The Club Roster is temporarily unavailable after the Website software company completed a system update that damaged the Table Master software used to display the Roster. Other Data Tables are also damaged.

New Business

1. Membership Statistics: During July the Club attracted two new members who found our Club website on the Internet. This takes our total roster of full members to 102. Tony & Colleen Kimball who own a 1960 MGA and John & Elizabeth Ragusin who own a 1973 Midget. Both vehicles are reported as being in good condition and on the road, we hope to meet the new members at a Club meeting or event in the near future.

2. 1978 MGB: Following much ribbing about his TD restoration taking forever, Newsletter editor Fred Groenert purchased a 1978 MGB to bring to the show. It is a strong runner but requires some attention from wet sanding, compound, and polish! 

3. The Election Process: The election process to elect the Club Officers commences in the month of October with the identification of Nominees. The four Club Officer positions open for consideration are: The President; Vice President; Secretary, and Treasurer. Please seriously consider running for office in 2022. Nominations are required to be posted at the October Meeting with voting taking place at the November meeting. We are looking for 'new blood' to join the Team of Officers handling the day-to-day running of the Club. If you wish to join the slate of candidates please contact the Vice President at: ''. Include you name eMail Address, phone number and the position you are interested in.  

4. Spare and Replacement Parts Issues: All of the major suppliers of MG Spare and Replacement parts are suffering supply shortages with in increasing number of items out-of-stock. Back Order parts are taking months to fill inventory again.

5. Shows, Driving Events: Caffeine and Octane at the Avenues Mall, 2nd Saturday of the month. The President and Webmaster attended the First one and it’s looking like a must attend event with not just “a lot of cars” but an “awful lot of cars” Rumor has it that this event will be televised in the near future! For a group of cars to park together they must arrive together. If you are interested in attending then please contact; '' and we will arrange for a meeting point so we can all drive in together. Note: we will meet with the intent to Roll-out to the event no later than 7.15am. 


We are seeing an increasing number of car shows, drive-ins and auto-centric events in our local catchment area and further afield for members wishing to drive their MG. However, it is uncertain if the current surge in COVID infections will result in cancelations. October is living up to its reputation as being the month with the most activity following the hot summer hibernation period. Some of the Fall attractions are as follows:

5a) Brits in the Valley, Columbus, GA (September 23-25) for those wishing for a longer trip. If interested please contact Ian Massey via eMail '

5b) Annual Brit Fest 2021, Myrtle Beach, VA (October 2). This Show traditionally attracts a large following of British Cars. Interested: Contact Vice President Mark Spaulding via eMail ''.

5c) MG Jamboree 22, Safety Harbor, FL (November 19-21, 2021). Contact Ian Massey at eMail ''

Closer to Home:

5d) First Coast Car Council - Cruisin' to the Creek, Trout Creek Memorial Park, St. Augustine(October 2). It has been agreed at the meeting that the Club will pre-pay for ten spots so all MGs attending can park together. Each attending member will then refund the Club for their parking spot. 

5e) The British Classic XXXII, St. Augustine, FL (October 16)

5f) Classic Car Club of Orlando, Overnighter St. Augustine, FL (October 22-23). Interested in meeting up with them; eMail: ''

5g) Ponte Vedra Auto Show, Ponte Vedra, FL (November 14)

5h) GOF-South 2022, Mission Inn Resort, Howey in the Hills, FL Still waiting for registration form completion but  recommend reserving your hotel asap as there are limited rooms available. For more information and hotel reservation details Go To;

Full details and Registration for all the above are posted on the Club Website Events Calendar.

All other local Drive-ins and shows are posted on the Events Calendar:

6. Newsletter: Editor, Fred Groenert, is always looking for stories, articles, tech tips etc. for our newsletter. If you have any such thing, please contact Fred at eMail: ''

7. Raffle & 50/50:

  • 50/50 Drawing: Lorraine Puzanskas was the winner of the 50/50 cash pot.

  • Part at Cost: Neil Nelson and Wayne Snook donated an “at cost” part from Moss Motors. Must be used within 30 days. Good for One item only. Winner - Lorraine Puzanskas (AGAIN!). Lorraine appears to be the designated winner of this raffle element. Three times in as many months!

  • Jim Bak Memorabilia: Two items from ex-Club President Jim Bak MG memorabilia donation were also raffled.

Next Meeting

Date: Saturday, August 28, 2021:

Trout Creek Memorial Park and Marina, St. Augustine

10am until Noon 

Meeting adjourned at Noon although groups hung around kicking tires and talking MG and Club Stuff.

Submitted:             Approved:

Sybil Bradley         Bruce Sedelmeyer

Secretary               President.

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