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Meeting Minutes | MG Classics of Jacksonville 

Meeting & Christmas Party: December 13, 2020

Meeting Convened: 2pm 

Total Attendance: 34

Number of MGs: 15    

New Members: None

Returning Members: Geoff & Paula Ashcroft (Fleeing the Snow in the Frozen North)

Michaeleen & Michael Chalute (Last Seen at Fort Mose in March 2019)

Guests: Doreena Ranieri, Bethany Zrucky

Location: The December Club Meeting was the Annual Christmas Holiday Party to wind-up the Year.  The Party was held at Trout Creek Marina in the open air on Sunday, December 13, 2020. The open air Party was held to help mitigate the potential to transmit the COVID virus.

Thirty-Four Members attended the Party bringing Fifteen MGs, most of which were dressed in Christmas Livery. The weather was Perfect; bright, sunny, and warm. An Oasis of Sunshine following a wet week.

Kudos to Vanessa Albright for organizing the Catering of a Boxed Christmas Meal that was exceptional, and Roberta Sedelmeyer for baking Zillions of Cookies and helping with the setup.

The Proceedings:

Inauguration of the Officers: The Christmas Party is the time to Inaugurate the new Slate of Club Officers for the coming Year, with the main feature; giving the incoming President "The Shaft". An annual Club Tradition. Bruce Sedelmeyer was duly "Shafted" and Inaugurated as the Club's 2021 President. No stranger to the Shaft, Bruce was unanimously elected for a third term. The Officers helping Bruce with the management of the Club through 2021 are as follows: Vice President, Mark Spaulding. Mark is a Newbie to the Officer role; Secretary, Sybil Bradley, another Third Termer, and looking after the Finances, Mike Hogan. Mike has done a Sterling job for three consecutive years tracking the reporting the ebb and flow of the Club's financial transactions. Want to see the Mug Shots of the Executive committee; Click Here.

Recap of 2020: Bruce went on to recap 2020 and his expectations for 2021: 

"The Strangest year ever! For me, it started with triple bypass surgery Feb 3 and 3 months of rehab. Covid-19 hit about the same time and shut down our usual monthly last Monday of the month restaurant meetings. This lasted until May when a few of us hopped in our MGs and cruised up to Fernandina for an impromptu lunch outside at one of the parks. This worked well and we tried it again in June with a larger group at this very location (Trout Creek Marina). Our “New Normal” meeting was born".

"We have met here every month since June with excellent results. I would like thank Ian Massey for his hard work in negotiating our contract with Ring Power to secure this site for our meetings thru to April 2021.  Covid-19 resulted in the cancelation of most of the regular car shows, Cars&Coffee events, and most notably the 2020 GOF. With a Vaccination due to be released soon it is difficult to forecast how 2021 will play out as far as a return to normalcy. I personally believe we will continue with more of the same for a while especially with our club due to the Member age profile and vulnerability. It is my desire that we continue doing what we have been and hopefully we can find one or two other locations to mix things up a bit".


"2020 saw the passing of a beloved member Choo-Choo Germano, long time member and all around great guy, and long term member James Albright. We are also missing Neil Nelson who has missed just 2 Christmas parties in the last 49 years both due to his wife Johnnies illness".

"Wishing all Club Members and their families a Healthy and Prosperous 2021".

MG International 2021: Vice President Elect, Mark Spaulding, commented that he was organizing a Caravan to MG International 2021, Scheduled for June 2021. For more information: Click Here.

Parade of MGs: One of the advantages of holding our meetings and this Party during daylight hours on a weekend is that it attracts a significant number of MGs. The Party organizing committee decided that it was not appropriate to hold the traditional Gift Exchange to help mitigate COVID Virus transmission. It was requested that Members decorated their MG in a Christmas Livery and the best decorated car would receive an Award. It was a close result as the event featured some fine Christmas livery. By a nose (or Radiator Grill) the Award went to Cherry Jones and her 1952 MGTD.


Raffles and 50/50:

Various items were donated by Jim Hall, Neil Nelson, and Bruce Sedelmeyer for a series of Raffles that took place.

The Part at Cost Raffle donated by Neil Nelson and Wayne Snook was won by Paula Massey and the 50/50 win of $53 went to Lily Kinmonth.

Comment: The format of the Outdoor meeting promotes more interaction between members rather than indoor meetings in a restaurant. There was significant interaction between members during the Party. Officially the Party ended at 4.30 but there remained groups of members talking MGs and other items after the Party Close.

The Next Club Meeting

The Next Club Meeting will be held on Saturday, January 30, 2021

at Trout Creek Marina

For Details and Registration Click Here

Meeting adjourned at 4.30pm.

Submitted:             Approved:

Sybil Bradley         Bruce Sedelmeyer

Secretary               President.

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