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Christmas Party Minutes | MG Classics of Jacksonville 

December 11, 2021

Event Convened: 12 pm

Total Attendance: 46

Number of MGs: 20 + 1935 Austin Nippy

New Members Present: Ralph Miller

Returning Members: Johnny Kirby, Paul & Lana Wlodyka

Guests: Barney and Elliott Gaylord, Bill Easter, Teresa & Tom Lee

Location: The Event was a Party with a short Official Meeting held at Trout Creek Memorial Park and Marina to mitigate the potential for COVID Virus transmission. The weather started out warm and was perfect for the event. Twenty MG Owners arrived in their MG to display at the Park dressed in Christmas attire. A total of Forty-six Members and their Guests attended the Event.

Party Format: The format of the Party followed the successful Format used in 2020.

> Socializing as Members arrived, primarily in their MG.

> A Call for Lunch. The Box lunches had been labeled with members Choice of meal and laid out on a table for collection.

> A short Club meeting including a ceremony to Install the new Officers for 2022 whose nominations had been voted in at the November Club meeting. This included the tradition of giving the incoming President 'The Shaft'.

> A review and voting on for the Award for the best MG Christmas Attire.

> More Socializing as the Meeting element ended and members trickled out to drive home.

The Short Club Meeting: The outgoing President, Bruce Sedelmeyer, chaired the Meeting. Bruce welcomed all the Members and Guests present at the event.

President's Report on the Club's 2021: "The Club Membership remains strong ending the Year with One hundred-ten primary Voting Members and the addition of approximately thirty nominated family members. The newest member, # 110, Tom and Paula Griffin and their 1978 MGB joined after an internet search". Bruce welcomed Tom and Paula! "Unfortunately Member Tom Kobrick passed away during the year and a few of our older members sold their MG(s)". 


Commenting on the Saturday outdoor meetings: "They have been a positive factor as we routinely have 10-15 MG’s at meetings now rather than the 1-2 we’d get at a Monday night restaurant meeting. This is getting our MG’s out and about in daylight hours giving them opportunity to be seen. The MG line-up at the Party is an impressive twenty and has attracted a significant number of onlookers. Over the various meeting we attracted at least two current members during the year". As Bruce has repeatedly said, "Driving our MGs is why we joined a MG Club and to share camaraderie with like minded members. Keep up the good work and we will continue to grow".

Sharing thoughts on the out-going Club Officers especially the fellow three term officers: "Over the past three years we have worked very hard to keep moving forward and bring about changes to keep our Club active especially during this pandemic. Without the help of Mike Hogan, Sybil Bradley, and this last year, Mark Spaulding, we would never have been able to continue to grow. Many Car Clubs and social groups have suffered dwindling membership and met via Zoom meetings from the safety of their home. With the help of strong leadership and key members dedicated to our club we have thrived in this outdoor setting. Thank you Mike, Sybil, and Mark, without your help we couldn’t have accomplished all that we did".


For the new club officers for 2022 Bruce thanked then for stepping up into their new position and stated "Don’t hesitate to ask for help or ideas from the departing leadership. Mark Spaulding, Len Geiger, and Ron Pallonari you have the Club's support and we're certain you will do an excellent job". 

Bruce Thanked those who helped set up decorations and thank Marked and Vanessa Albright for Co-ordinating the Caterer and the donation of the Chips.


Bruce thanked MG Classics Founder Member Neil Nelson and long time Member Wayne Snook for donating Raffle Certificates for discounted MG parts to be ordered through the MOSS Distributorship (BMC) that they own.

Best Attired MG: There was a splendid array of MGs' sporting Christmas Attire. However, although perhaps not the most decorated, but certainly the most innovative was Ryan and Kristina Massfeller's 1980 MGB. It had a faux Gramaphone with a rotating turntable on the Luggage Rack Christmas display belting out Christmas Tunes. Well done Ryan and Kristina for winning the Award! 

Award Presentations: Richard Gross made a presentation of a beautiful Plaque to Bruce on behalf of the Club for the excellent leadership he had shown, particularly through the last two years of the COVID Scourge.

Bruce also made a presentation: He gave incoming President Mark Spaulding the 'Shaft' and the appropriate "Accessory". The 'Shaft' is the Badge of Office for any Member who is prepared to take on the Presidency of the Club.

Incoming President's Remarks: Mark Spaulding gratefully acknowledged being duly 'Shafted' and made a few comments about his experience as a leader of various Federal Law Enforcement Committees over the years and the fact he is Confident that the new Team will work diligently to maintain the popularity and health of the Club for its' Members. He also commented on the popularity of Trout Creek Memorial Park as a MG driving destination and meeting location for a majority of the Membership.  

Damn MG has a Problem: Of course it wouldn't be a MG event if someone didn't have a Technical Problem. Fred Woller's '60 MGA had a major Heater Valve failure that sprayed water over the distributor resulting in the A running like a dying dog. Fortunately Guest Barney Gaylord just happened to have a spare heater valve and replaced the offending valve.

Raffle & 50/50:

  • 50/50 Drawing: Lorraine Puzanskas was the winner of the 50/50 cash pot.

  • BMC Gift Certificates: Neil Nelson and Wayne Snook donated Five Gift Certificates to purchase an MG part at a discount through their MOSS Motors Distributorship, BMC. Must be used within 30 days. There were five Lucky winners

MG Classics of Jacksonville's January 2022 Club Meeting & Picnic

Date: Saturday, January 29, 2022

Trout Creek Memorial Park and Marina, St. Augustine

11am until 1pm 

Meeting adjourned at 2.50pm although groups hung around kicking tires and talking MG and Club Stuff.

Submitted:            Approved:

Ian Massey           Bruce Sedelmeyer


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