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Join Us for an Adventure at MG International in June 14-17, 2021

MG Classics of Jacksonville's Road Trip to MG 2021

The North American Council of MG Registers has announced the Details of MG 2021, the premier MG event in the MG Owners' calendar.

MG Classics 2021 Vice President, Mark Spaulding, is going to arrange a Caravan for MG Classics Club Members who wish to drive their MG to the Event scheduled to take place in Atlantic City. Mark is well versed in the best route to take with limited need to travel on the Interstate Highway. A Draft plan for the Caravan to MG International 2021 is outlined below:.

Proposal for MG Caravan to Jacksonville to Atlantic City.

Most of the route will be on US 17, US 13, and US 40, which will allow caravanning at a speed that can be maintained by MG T's, MG A's and MG B's.  For brief segments where Interstate Highways will be used, we can group in the slow lane and drive 55 to 60 mph.

Day 1, June 12, 2021.  Drive from Jacksonville to Myrtle Beach, mostly on US 17, but about 60 miles on I95.  350 miles approximately 6 hours.  Probably closer to eight hours ln caravan. I don't want to take surface streets through Savannah or Charleston unless absolutely necessary.

Day 2, June 13, 2021.  Drive from Myrtle Beach to Virginia Beach, mostly on US 17, a bit on I264, and US 13.  350 miles, probably 6 to eight hours.

Day 3, June 14, 2021.  Drive from Virginia Beach to Atlantic City,  US 13 or US 113 to Wilmington, DE, I95 briefly across the Delaware Memorial Bridge, then US 40 to Atlantic City, arriving in time for late afternoon check in for opening events.  Again about 350 miles, 6 to 8 hours.

It is also anticipated that the Caravan may be joined by various MG Enthusiasts at various locations along the Route.

Please Take our Survey Below so we can Gage Interest in Joining Us at MG International 2021 before we make Hotel Bookings and invest in more fine detailed Planning:

History of the North American Council of M.G. Registers:
The MG Council was formed on July 10th, 1992. Ron Embling, of the New England MG T Register, had contacted five MG Registers, the AMGBA, and about 65 local MG Clubs about meeting in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada to discuss forming some kind of organization for this group. And so it happened, as was announced in MG Magazine #44, September 1992:
"At the recent MG Canada 92 meeting in Peterborough, Ontario, the presidents and chairs of 15 clubs and registers in North America came together to form the MG Council of North America. The group is to be advisory only and will set no policy. The main purpose of the group is to improve communications among the clubs and registers as well as to clear meeting dates with each other….”

Later in 1992, the newly formed group met at University Motors Summer Picnic in August and at the AACA Hershey Flea Market in October. The first meeting in  1993 was held in May at the Import Show in Carlisle, PA, and at that meeting it was suggested that an all MG show should be considered.

At the August meeting at the UML Summer Picnic, Jerome Rosenberger proposed that a subgroup made up of the leadership of the Registers & AMGBA be formed to explore having an all MG show. The Registers got together in Niagara Falls in December of 1993 to consider the philosophy, administration, benefits, and problems connected with such an undertaking. In the spring of 1994 the Leadership group met in Cleveland and under the direction of Dave Smith, VP of NAMGAR, laid out plans, elected John Twist Chairman of the event and narrowed down Indy as the location of choice.

During 1994 planning meetings were held, other officers elected, committees appointed.  By the end of 1994 Indianapolis was nailed down as the location for the first All-MG meet, and the event planning was in high gear.

The Council continued to meet at the UML Summer Party events, Carlisle, as well as in Indianapolis during the planning (and successful completion) of “MG International - Indy ’96” (which attracted an estimated 1300 MG owners).   It was then decided to hold an all-MG event every five years, and site visits to both Atlanta, GA and St. Paul, MN were conducted in early 1998. After much discussion, St. Paul was chosen and plans begun in earnest for the second meet of this kind in North America, “MG 2001 – An MG Odyssey”. MG2001 saw about 800 MGs and their owners. Again, the Council held meetings both in St. Paul, MN, Grand Rapids, MI and Carlisle, PA during this time. Tony Burgess was named Executive Director of the Council in 1998. The late Rick Brown served as webmaster for the Council.

In April of 2002, the Council met in Cleveland, Ohio where the Council was formally organized as a not-for-profit Corporation in the State of Ohio and officially renamed “The North American Council of MG Registers”. The Council’s mission statement was also penned at this meeting. It was also decided to conduct a third all-MG gathering in 2006 at a geographic location “To Be Announced”.  A local was selected in 2003, and Gatlinburg, TN became the location of “MG2006 – A Driving Experience in the Smokies”.  Over 1100 MG owners and their families invaded the city. In 2003, Rick Ingram was named as the Council’s Executive Director and Tony Burgess appointed as the Council’s Treasurer (Exchequer).

After taking some time off after closing the books on MG2006, the Council members discussed the next event. A location west of the Rockies was in the works, and after visiting both Albuquerque, NM and Reno, NV in 2008, the “Biggest Little City in the World” (Reno) was chosen to host MG2011. About 700 MGs were registered for this event which was given the moniker “MG2011 – A Western Experience”.
Plans for the event to be held during 2016 began in late 2012. Again, several host cities were considered with two making the final cut – Louisville, KY and Sandusky, OH. Council members made site visits to each of these locations in the spring of 2013 and, after much debate, made the decision to come to Louisville for MG2016.  We are fortunate to have the assistance of the British Sports Car Club of Louisville with the planning and running of “MG2016 – Maintaining the Breed”!

The Council shares a portion of the proceeds from the all-MG meets with charity. We have chosen to sponsor the WHAS ‘Crusade for Children’ for MG2016.  They have raised $165 million since 1954.  Additionally, 100 percent of those funds have been returned to the community.  They provide grants annually to about 200 schools, agencies and hospitals in Kentucky and Indiana that make life better for children with special needs.  The Crusade has a large loyal following.  Learn more here:

Proceeds are also shared with each of the affiliated national MG registers and the local host club. A portion of the net proceeds is retained as seed money for future events to be coordinated by the Council.
Representatives of the Council are reimbursed for their travel expenses, lodging, and meals only for the planning meetings. Their expenses during an MG meet such as MG2016 are NOT reimbursed by Council funds.
So now, you know “the rest of the story”!

Rick Ingram, Executive DirectorNorth American Council of MG Registers

By Courtesy of The North American Council of MG Registers. 


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