COVID-19 Statement | MG Classics of Jacksonville 

Read MG Classics COVID-19 Policy Statement 

We Mitigate the Potential of Virus Transmission at Club Meetings & Events

MG Classics of Jacksonville is taking the current COVID-19 Emergency seriously. We are following the advice offered by the CDC, the State of Florida, and the Federal Government to help safeguard the health of our members and the general public. We have modified and updated our Events Program and Club Meeting format to mitigate COVID-19 virus transmission during our events and meetings.

We encourage our Club Members to participate in our streamlined events program to take the opportunity to drive their Classic MG, meet with their MG Club friends, and hear Club news first hand.

Please view our updated Terms of Service to reflect the COVID emergency. 'Terms of Service' is accessible by Clicking on the 'Terms of Service' link in the Below:

The Board of Directors - MG Classics of Jacksonville