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Amelia: Continued


Cars and People

1951 MGTD (Cream): Bruce and Roberta Sedelmeyer

1953 MGTD (Red): Paula and Geoff Ashcroft

1955 MG TF (Forest Green): Ian Massey

1958 MGA (white): Dave Simes

1983 MGTF Special (White): Jim Davey

1978 MG Midget (Blue): James Ranieri

1979 MG Midget (Red): Kathy Albers and Chuck Warden

1970 MGB (Dark Green): Mark Spaulding

1970 MGB GT (Powder Blue): Bob Phillips

1971 MGB (Primrose): Richard Gross

1972 MGB (White): Mark & Vanessa Albright

1973 MGB (Blaze Red): Len Geiger

1974 MGB (Dark Green): Sybil Bradley (Owner Bruce and Roberta Sedelmeyer)

Members: Glen and Jill More also attended Sans MG


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Online Photo Album

Video and Photos Courtesy of Len Geiger

Many MG owners say they don't like Car Shows. To me the attraction of a Car Show is an excuse to fire up the MG and have a destination for my drive. It is even more fun if you have a stream of MGs' or other British Classics in front as you convoy to the destination. At the Show you meet old friends, kick tires, enjoy the ambience and if you get bored leave for the drive home. To me it is all about getting one of my MGs' on the road to head out, hopefully with other MG Owners. Our MGs' rarely win anything of note at a Car Show. Who cares! It is all about driving that old machine that you have toiled and sweated over, drawn blood over, and cursed over to keep it road worthy and hopefully, sufficiently reliable to get you to your destination and back home.

Driving up the River and Coast to Amelia Cars&Coffee has been a delight each year with the sun just breaking over the horizon and lighting up the beautiful views and a stream of MGs' in a caravan. Followed by a mad race home after the event and perhaps crossing the river on the Ferry.



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